Monday, January 23, 2012

Well how time flys

Well what lot has been going on
at the end of October I had a meeting with my local head shrink
well let’s just say i ran the meeting and he lessened but the outcome was he has referred me to CHX 
On my way home from that meeting i popped in to see my younger Sister and although she was surprised i had a very positive response from her and we have now got a much closer relationship than we have had for some time.
Within a week i had changed my name so now i am Nikki full time  and found  2 week contract as me Working in Telford a very useful   first step in to the world of working as the true me          
Well all i can say is what was all the fuss about lol                                                                                         Yes i feel so much happier being me but going to work as me was a non event in that i started a new job and every one didn’t no my back story so just excepted me as what they sore  a she
This was fantastic and this contract went well and i then went straight into a 6 week contract in Sheffield so yes i have now worked full time for 2 months and blended in well and been excepted by all as one of the girls 
I am so much more relaxed and all is going well and don’t seem to be read when out and about   
I am now looking for more work and I am waiting for funding to be approved for CHX
So life is going well
Sorry i have not posted over the last few months i will try harder

Nikki XX