Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tomorrows a big day

haveing moved to my new house and living full time while inbetween jobs

I whent to see my new doctor 2 weeks ago just for a normal checkup non trans related
but i was dressed and i have to say he was more than helpfull but we only had time to skirt over my gender dysphoria  but whanted to go throw it with me in a seperat appiontmnent so i have made a duble appiontment
and will be going to see him tomorrow
I have earlyer this year had this conversation with my old docter but thats as far as he would tack things
So i no this is going to be a repeet but my new doc seems to have a good understanding off what trans people need as he already has trans people on his books.
so wish me luck its the first mager step but an important one i have made to many fauls strats in life
now is the time to move forwoords :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

well things have changed a lot

Sorry i havent bloged for a few week but life has changed a bit

My contract was cut short at work so iam now looking for a new job :-(
 but thats life as a comtractor
so this has left me with no reson not to be me
for about 1 1/2 months now apart from job intervews and haveing my kids every other week i have spent the rest of the time Fem and now it is very hard to even think of going back to him mode .
that means 24/7 her and boy dos tyhat feel good.

So i am finaly living as a should

I havd done everything as me even been to my doctors
for a normal  checkup and had him jumping throw hops to be helpfull iam going back to see him next week to descus my gender identity and he is talking about local phyc apointment and telling me there is no problem with funding in my area the practice already has 3 Trans people on the books 2 post op and 1 pre
As this is a new doctor to me after moving house it looks like i have fallen on my feet :-)

I have had some job interverw but no job just yet
I have even been to 2 interbvews drerssed properly so its looking less and less like ly i will be reterning to him if i can get a job \ contract as the real me 

The only problem will be the Ex's reaction as she will more than likely try to stop me seeing the kids
so life has changed