Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun in the sun :-)

On saturday i had my boys and we had a good time just around my house 
thay played with the toys i have here for tham and we whent to the park
all in bob mode but its worth it to see my littel ones :-)
it was just good to spend the day with them.
I droped them off at the ex's at about 8pm whent home and changed into somthing comfee as my friend Nicki B come around to see my new home and we had a drink and a nice chat she has been one off my friends that has keept me going over the last 6 munths and it was good to catchup and to show her my new home " thanks Nicki you have been a brick "

Sunday i got up and sorted the house a bit and started lunch Roast Pork and all the trimings
Jenny and V where coming around so i had offered to do some food late luinch \eavning meal
thay arived about 3 pm house all uptogether and food nearly done what a domestic godess iam LOL
just had to wait for the Potatoes to finish off ( i have not got this oven figered out yet seems to cook a bit slowly at times ) it was realy nice to see them and shair a meal with them pure Jenny was driving but this didnt stop me and V injoying a nice glass or 2 of roseay :-) makes a nice change for me to be able to have a drink as iam normaly driving :-)
The food soon seemed to vanish even with my pure porsion size ( i do like to make sure people are feed non of this nuvo quiseen at chae Nikki :-) more Farm house feast lol)
Jenny had driven the rusty old reck down and whanted to go see a friend that lived in the same town as me so me and v sat and chatted with her going throw my wordrobe saying i like that and that saying she thinks i have more  than enugh cloths to go full time and all are just normal girl cloths not tranny tat
 we chated makup and other Girly stuff about what sort of ear rings i wount when my ears have healed ( 1 week in and all going well :-))
It was good to talk I realize how important my friends are to me thay have replaced my family in so many ways my main battels may be over but i still need there support and all i can do is thank them
well Jenny came back from playing boy time loL and got told by V that we where haveing Girl talk time lol we sat and talked some more it was good to have them there a realy nice day and it feelt good to have feed them i gess there is a Mum in me that just whant to feed every one that comes around lol.
all to soon thay had to go :-( but it had been a good day and thay helped with the washing up thay can come again soon i hope ).
So yes my life seems to be settling down for the mean time no dramers at the moment :-)


Jenny said...

Glad we were able to contribute to a good weekend for you, and thanks again for everything.

Our drive home was eventful, the A4 was perfect but closer to home the thermostat failed and it overheated so we sat in a clout of oil smoke on an overbridge while my dad came to tow us home. Touch wood no lasting damage but not what I wanted to happen.

Nikki T said...

It ws good to see you both :-)
oww purr rust heap you where pushing the pure old lady to hard
hope its not to bad haed gasket at worce (2 hure job on one of them)
hopefully just let it cool and change the stat new coolent and shell be ok :-) old cars what fun
I dont like braking my nails these days thow lol