Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blokie Shoes YuK

Well to day i have spent most of the days in meeting had to dress blokie bissness suit ( Ok work is still blokie but not this blokie yuk)  and tie job
I have never don this look well but its the shoes how do men do it thay wighe a ton fell all klumpee
i tend to do trainers in bob mode these days and flip flops and balay pumps and nice heels as it summer at the moment so mens trad laceup shoes are just horrid how can thay stand them are that somthing whay just indure to prove thay are so macho it beone me and thay look horrid

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Becca said...

I got into a lift the other day - must have been around 10 men in their. I generally look down at the floor in close proximaty to others - and when I did I noted the shoes. Granted that I work for a bank but it struck me how they were all the same type of black shoe. Its a bit sad that men have so little choice in what they wear.

Still at least I bucked the trend in my skip on burgandy brogues !