Monday, July 25, 2011

Bizzy few Weeks

For the last few weekends i have been seeing my Boy one day and sorting thing the other day
and still trying to recover financaily from the seperasion and moving into my own home

this weekend i didnot have my boys So i had my some friends over for the weekend
thay are living in socail housing and its a flat thay are desperat to get rehoused as thay have had some hasel with some of the naburse over him being trans and the person that lives above him is just inconciderat and makes noise from moring to night K is also a wheel chair user.
 He is F to M and His partner is Lovile thay have supported me throw thick and thin 
So it was nice to be able to have them over to my house for the weekend as there new home hunting has not been going well
 K likes Mortor bikes and as my home town has a large bike show ever year and that was this weekend K was glad to spend the day looking around the show this meant i had to do this in Bob mode as i no far to maniy people that do not no Nikki side of me but it was still a good day.
Seeing all or most of the Bikes i had owned in a perveus life ( CBX, 400 4, Moreni 3 1/2 ect) yes to you that now old bikes you must be as old as me if you now these bikes lol
but it was a nice relaxed day and i got to see many old freinds and do some people watching from the weekend biker types to the mugel that had just come into town just to get there shopping to fined there town full of bikers.

and then back home to sepend the evning chilling watching Avitar and chating after a nice home made Lasgnea ,salad and Garlic Bread a chance for them to just relax away from there stress of there home situasion with a nice class or 2 off cider or beer.
Sunday was a lateish start with me having that me time i was in need off cooking a rost Garlic Chickin rost Potatos and steemed veg and a day off chating and enjoying time with friends we where that full that the cheescake had to waite till tea time but was enjoyed all the more becouse of the waite after tea  i took my friends home to bristol .
all in all a very relaxed time :-)   


Jenny said...

Good to hear you and K and 'er had a good time! Maybe another year as Nikki?

Nikki T said...

It wasnt a problem just new to many people from work would be therte and cant pofford to mess tyhat up just yet I have done the bristol Bike show am me but still just in the closit at work and with some frends and that was not the time or place to jump out and suprise them
as yuo say mabe next year
it was a good weekend and it was about K and e haveing an eascape from there problems I still had friday night and sunday as me got called mum once or twice by them call the 2 off them precosios brat back :-) lol a good weekend as you no jenny i like haveing friends over thats specail time to me

Becca said...

I wondered where you had been. Glad that life is coming together after all the ups and downs.