Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a fab weekend

Well 4 days with some work time in the midel :-(

well tursday i have already bloged about
friday was workin the day so back to him :-( but home early home and get changed and out to bristol to pickup a trans man friend and his partner to go out for a meal as it was hids berthday on thursday
we when to a very nice all you can eat east asian resterant in bristol where we meet some mort frends and some of K's frends Kris and partner hes F to M and a gent and his partner we all had a good time chating making new frends and catching up with old friends :-) its always good to do that

Saturday I had to be up early got dressed and had had brekfast just about to go do my makeup when the doorbell went  i didt think just whent to the door and it was JW's a woman and her dauter i keept it short just said own you look like JW's sorry not interested but she push so i said I dont think you would except me and she insisted that thay would ( so i outed my self saying oww do thay exceppt trans people these days ) with witch she whe nt bright red and made her excuses to leve as i was also contering her word from her bible if thats what she calls it LOL

with her dispatched very politly i whent and sorted my self out and made my way over to swindon and did a bit of food shopping for a bbq i was going to in oxford held by the most woundifull Trans woman you could ever meet Dawn is like everyones mum / granny and it was a grate day catching up with old friends and making some new one i have only ever meet on line before but it was nice to see them in the flesh
what a full day i arrived at the bbq at about 2pm and left after helping clen up at about 1:30 after taking jenny and yicky home witch meen i got home at about 3 am still a grate day

I got up and when food shopping enfem ofcource not a look from the mugels :-)
and then home to make lunch for some friends who came to see my new house its so nice to entertain
I made a lasegne and salad and we sat in the garden to eat in the sun shine :-) thanks Suzzy and Neave it was so good to see you.
so apart from work on friday that was 4 days as me :-) i can see this happening quite offten  


Becca said...

I guess only a few short weeks ago a post like this one would have seemed so unlikely. So pleased that you are really starting to live your life.

Great news !


Nikki T said...

Thanks Becca
its funny how quickly things settel down :-) and haveing the freedom to just be me is fantastic
but as with all things it dose come at a price
My Ex has totaly gone back on are agreement with access to the Kids
it was not a good agreement to start with and she has halfed the time i can see them :-( but i hope thingsn will settel down or i will be left with no other option and have to go to family court to get things sorted