Friday, June 10, 2011

What a differance a day makes 24 littel houre :-)

Stress What stress

I picked up the Keys to my new Home at 3 pm Yesterday :-)
today it feels like i have had a 50 tone waight lifted off of my shoulders is an under statment.

Yesterday morning I sware time was runing slow very slow or i was in a paralle univers
I had a bizzy day at work and was runing to stand still with lost of problems that normaly meant time flys but not yasterday
I fixed lots of peoples problems.
but time still stood still eventuly at 13:25 i got the call i was waiting for :-) :-) from my soliciter to say i could pick up the Keys I phoned some friends that i think where on tender hooks as much as i was
but still had to work till 3pm before i could go and get the keys :-(
But some users had problems that needed fixing and i had to be profesional (after all thats what thay pay this silly tart for lol ) and i need the money Yesterday was a very expencive day probably the most money i have ever spent in 1 day ( the house is mine all mine , mine ,mine ,mine Yippy )
so back to the tail sorrry iam still a bit excited :-) well maby just a bit just a littel bit lol

so at 3pm i left work when to the bank to get some money to pay for the the furniture i have drought from the selers ( 5 seat corner sette in red , fridge/freeser,gas cooker,washing mashien ,
1/2 size dishwasher all for £600 what a bargin and a big help in getting me set up )
then on to the eastate agent to to pickup the keys and passon the money for the stuff :-) I am a house owners again let me just say that again i own a house its not as big as iam used to but its all mine

As i was leaveing the Eastat Agent my phone rings and it was my friend Alyison she askeed where i was and i said i had just picked up the keys and was going back to the car she asked where i was parked and said she would meet me there  i got to the car and she was there with a lovily bukay of folwers  :-) and a card what a start she followed me to the house and says i skiped dome the path i was a bit exsitted and we had a good look around the house as i showed her around it just felt grate to no this house was my new home
Aly had to get off so then i was there on my own so i started cleaning throw the kitchen as you do
and an houre later Aly called and said come over as she had done sone food witch was very nice after tea we talked for a bit and then i when back to the house and called friends and family to let them no i had the house

before going back to the tempary place to sleep
as per the tital what a differance a day makes
I will be moving in over the weekend i have a van hiered and some friends to help
going throw this has made me realize that prosesions are just things ( i have left so much stuff back at the family home that i dont need )
Its all just stuff and what has been important to me and continus to be important is friends tthay have keeped me going throw the tugh bits when i could so easly have sunk
Role on tomorrow the Rest of my life Starts hear lets hope my luck has changed to :-)


Becca said...

Nikki, wonderful news. Very pleased for you that you are 'in' - I hope that the good news keeps flowing.


Stace said...

The future starts now!

Enjoy your new place, and don't think of it as not as big - think of it as less to clean :)


Jenny said...

The best news possible. Tomorrow we're busy at Pride, but Sunday we'll be over to help screw your furniture up.