Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what can go worng will go worng :-(

Yeasterday was a complet and utter disaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thort i was moving into my new home
I had aken the day off work
I hiered a van
I friends son was going to help me move
but at 9:30 am i got the call from my soliciter that i didnot wount to hear
the people iam bying froms morgage company had refused to release the money for them to bye the house thay are moving into becouse there was a boundry quiry on the house thay are bying.
so the move was on hold i had to be out of the family home that day with nowhere to go.
I spent most off the moring on the phone hammering on the eastate agents desk and well throwing my toys out of the pram all to no avial .
fortunatly i had a plan b in place a friend from work has an empty 1 bedroom anex on his house and has let me stay there for a short while and i have had to nogocate with my ex to let me keep all off the rest of my things in the garage at the family home this is far from ideal but at least i have a roof over my haed for now.
but still with no sign of when the perchce will go throw
so to day i have given them an ultimatum thay have 24 hures to exchange and i need to complet on the property by friday if thay can not do this i will be withdrawing from the perchace
and i have already seen a house around the corner that there is no chain and as i am a cash byer thay can complet with in 2 weeks so lets hope it dosnt come to that .
can my life get any lower
this morning i had a shower and when to dry my hair anf the new hair dryer dyed as soon as i switched it on :-( iam so stressed
thanks to Jenny and her other half for cocking me a meal and giving losts of hugs as that helped last night  

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Becca said...

Nikki, I am so sorry that things seem to go from bad to worse. Pointless me saying that things will get better as with your luck it might not in the short term.

I hope that life turns around for you soon.