Thursday, June 2, 2011

thinks could be looking up

I have had some good new today
after throwing my toys out of the pram contiualy for the last 4 days
looks like i have managed to get the moving in date to the 7th the same day that i have to move
this will make life so much easyer fingers crossed there are no more unforseen problems


Becca said...

Way to go !! You didn't even resort to age old female techniques - crying :-)

Fingers crossed !


Nikki T said...

Well i have played on my fem trates
made the eastate agent fell well guilty :-) ( with coments like i will have to sleep in the car dont no if i can fine some where to store my things )
i nerly had her in tiers at one pont
saying we are doing every thing we can :-)

Stace said...

Really pleased to hear this! Good luck!

Nikki T said...

well today has been stresfull i thort i had it all sorted this moring and every thing seemed set for the 7th move out of the family house and into the new one well that was just going to well by 5pm it had been moved back to the 10th again... :-( so i read the estate agent the right act sayiong the sale would be off if we could not complet on the 7th as i will be home less and would have to rent some where to live and be tyed into a 6 munth leas. well lets say it was nice to hear an estate agent squerm and try and get out of the sale falling throw i just left him with the impresion that i wounted the sale to go throw but needed it to on the 7th 2 hures later i get a call froim him saying that the move will happen on the 7th as the person causing the delay had been perswaded to move on that daytye or lose the sale so its back on still not counting my chickens thow

Caroline said...

Just read your whole blog and feel like I have been on a roller coaster!

Not sure I could have dealt with all this.

Great to see that you have not let Dyslexia get in your way, I did and have spent a lifetime trying to come to terms with it. Voice operated software helps but sometimes the spellcheck just stares back and refuses to even guess what I have tried to write!

Sorry you have encountered such poor christian goodwill, a few years in purgatory for this for her I think.

Good luck with the move, glad I am not negotiating with you!

Jenny said...

Evening Nikki, sorry I've not been very vociferous of late. Let's hope they stick with this date. Need any extra bodies Tuesday evening to shift stuff?

Nikki T said...

Caroline its just the end off a very difficult 6 munths that have pushed me beoned where i thort my braking point was.
but i have servived this far becouse i have some of the best friends in the world who have been there to lissen to me go on about how crap things are but thay have stayed the course and that has kept me going and i can not thank then any more than i have already :-)
As for being Dyslixic well i have always been that to just somthing you have to concer and make the best off life no one else will do it for you i use a txt reader some time if i have a large doc to read and spell checkers are a mixed blessing when you cant tell if the sugestion is right or not lol
but thanks for reading about my messed up life lets hlpe that next week i will be posting about good things for a change.

Hi Jenny i may need some help putting ikea furnitue together if your about