Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday a chance to be Me

As I didnot have the Kids as i thort i was going to :-(
I woke up early and had a shower ( dan thing keeps going hot then cold then hot then cold ( ok freezing) then hot then cold then hot then cold )
I have a new shower to replace it just need to do it Pluming not somthing i enjoy
plus i dont whant to wreck my nails haveing done tham the night before

so got dressed first time as the true me in my new home had some toast and tea for breky
looke around and that new mirror realy needs putting up wheres a man when you need one :-)
Whats a Girl to do so off to the garage i go get out the tools
I hang the mirror a good job done and it makes so mush differance to the lounge :-)
I than clean up the mess made by drilling holes in the walls and spot the new shower so i open the box and  figger out what else i need to fit the shower mainly an push fit pipe joiner and some plactic trunking
so now i find my self off to the diy store in the next town to find the things i need i was in the plubming secsion looking for the right fitting when some bloke said "what you looking for love "
( :-) sexist pig but it was nice even if he was ugly he seemed a bit serprised when i picked up the thing i needed and said its ok i have what i need  but thanks for asking :-) giving him a smileas i walked away )
then off to pickup the rest of the things i needed and a new door bell as the one at the house donot work
then pay and off home i had a bit of lunch and tured off the water and power to the shower whent upstairs
an hour and a half later the shower was changed and working only the cleaning up to do so cleand the bathroom completly and was pleased with what i had done
putting the tools away i remembered the doorbell as it was a wireless one i only needed to change the push switch out side the frunt door
wile i was changing the switch my new nauber came out of her house and said hellow as she passed and i said hello back ( the first time meeting her inany mode )
so i ended the day with a pizza and a few glasses wine feeling very tyered but proude of my self for doing all that today as my self and not wrecking my nails in the prosses ( its was a shame i had to take of the polish for work this morning my toes are still pritty thoew :-)
Yes i probably throw my self into doing all this becouse i was missing my kids but it workied and i did somthing productive and it was a new expieriance for me to do these things as me more every day by the day the boundrys are begining to merge


Jenny said...

So the neighbours have met Nikki then! :)

Sorry I've been quiet this week, there's been a lot on.

Nikki T said...

Well thay must be confussed as she has meet Nikki and he has meet Nigel and said his wife had meet my partner the other day i just said oww you mean nikki and left it at the lol :-)

no need to say sorry hun see you tommorrow at the BBQ