Friday, June 24, 2011

Nikki in the real world again

Well what a day yesterday

I had half a day off work to go to the hospital just for a checkup  non T related
I have joked with the staff at the clinic last year saying i may wear a skirt next time and thay said thats not a problem so i held them to there world and whent as me and it wasant a problem
Thay treated my with respect and the girl i normaly see just said you look good like this do i need to change your details to reflect this :-)
i just said "not yet"

so after my checkup i when in to the center of bristol and did some shopping with the manditory coffee stop at starbuks for a granday Hazal nut skinny latee :-) Yumeeeeee
so i passed one claires and than another and then passed that one again well in i whent to have a look and before i new it i was asking about getting my ears pierced and was sat in the chaire with the girl doing it saying so you have been using clipons all this time I dont think she read me at all  so now i have gold studs in my ears and iam well pleased with them just got to keep them clean and keep the studs in till thay heal properly and i will probably stay away from dangaly earings for a good 6 months
so this week nikki has been around 2 evnings and 1 half day and evning and she is off out tonight and will be around all day saturday as iam off to a friends BBQ on saturday in Oxford and have some friends poping around on sunday so another Nikki day so he is being left to go to work only at the moment just as it should be let him earn the money and i can spend it lol  

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Jenny said...

Well done! You've probably already had this lecture from her, but keep 'em in longer than the time they say. My wife managed to get an infected ear by trying on new earrings spot on the six weeks.