Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Good to Be Supportive :-)

Lats Night I whent to See some Friends who now have nown nikki for a ling time
to let them no i had moved
There 17 year old dauter did not no about Nikki but we have always been close as these are good friends who meet throw me and ruth was won of my close friends in my 20's and we where alway acussed of being sisters when out on the town and graham was a friend from work
so to K I have always been like and uncal/ant when she whanted to lern to suba dive i got her to join the club i am a member of and traind her to dive and budy with her on many a dive so we have always been close.
She is just about to take her A levels and her unie place is riding on her results
so she is under a lot of pressure and her and her perants are rubing sparks off each other
the pure lass was more worried that she would let everyone else down and her perants where putting on presser for her to keep studding but this was making her feel worse
the topic came up and there was the normal pernt child spat over revising
the pure littel one was getting in a right state 2 days away from her phycolagy exam she had no one to talk to about how it was going and her perants where just getting pushy with her becouse thay are worred as all perant worry that there kids will not get the results thay requier
so i gave her a cuddel and aksed her about it but not in a judging way as she was obvasly strugaling with some part of her revision but at leat i had don the same subject 20 years a go and could understand what she was talking about.
so i sent her perants away and had a littel chat first telling her she was doing the exams for herself so a herdel to get her on the course she realy whants to do at uni and makeing her feel good about her self
and making a plan on how she could best use the rervision time to help her she did most of the talking
and then came out the books and we when throw some of the bits she was having problems with and worked throw them with me just being there for her to sounse ideas off  an hour and half later she had worked throw the bits that worried her and she whanted to chat about my situation as she nows who i am and she bless her siad she was happy she had an anty Nikki and wounts to meet her properly next time
i have lent her a set of keys to my house so if she needs to go some where else to revise
shes a good kid trying to deal with all the pressuer are exam system puts on kids her age and perants that love her but put to much pressur on her becouse thay whant the best for her.
i also had a quiate word with them saying give her space she's a good  kid that is working had but feels under so much presuer i can only hope i have helped    

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