Monday, June 13, 2011

I now have a Home :-) not just a house

Well what a bizzy weekend

Saturday was The Big Move in Day :-)
A friend from Muggel land ( non trans and would probably not undersatand ) Helped me move my thinks from the family home to my new place ( I do like Driving Transit Vans 2 days hier verry usfull )

two trips and every thing moved  box City house stuff in the house and garage stuffing the garage
A good morrnings work at this time suezy arrived shes the wife of atrans friend and a real good friend who bless her hart spent two days helping me unpack boxes quickly getting the kitchen and living room up and runing and helping with building some off the flat pack furniture
and set up one of the beds so i had some where to sleep  a very bizzy day but a functioning house

The next moring ( I over slept I was just getting UP when Suzy came back)
This morings Mission if we chose to excepit was Back in the Transit ( a perfect Van for some one with gender disforia LoL) and off to Ikea again to by a dubel bed and matrus ( new Bed for Me :-) ) a singel matruse for a bed frame i had in the house ,  unit for the lounge, bed side cabients, coffee table and Suzy need 2 wardrobs herself  Good job we had a big van :-)
( i have to admit thank God for Ikea it has alowed me to furnish me house quickly with good furnituer that has not cost me the earth )

we arrived back at Home and unloaded some of the stuff from the van built the Unit for the lounge and Jenny and her better half arrived  and helped me to unload the rest off the furnitur suzys wordrobes in to her car and the rest into the house ( and it hadent stopped raining when we where unloading the stuff) the 4 of us split into 2 teams and built the 2 wardrobs i have already to build and the rest of the stuff from the van by 4 :30 we had drank lots off tea and coffee and built every thing bar 1 of the wardrob and a singel bed frame in the small room.
Sadly Suzy had to go whitch was sad as she had been such a grate help to me in getting the house uptogether so quicky i just could not of done it my self  without her help in the Time  you are a star Hun :-)

More Tea more building by 8pm we had all the fruniture built and I needed to take the van back so jenny followed me and we droped the off and whent to a fab chinees takaway run by a friend off mine and got some yummy food to go with the beer and wine we had in the fridge we sat at my yes My !!!!! Dining table and eat a nice meal togather and spent the evning talking its so good to have friends that help and like your company :-) makes me feel specail somthing I havent felt for a while
I no I keep saying this but its my friends that have keeped me going in the last 6 muths and all i can do is thank tham and words are not enugh to express my greatitude thay have all been amassing !!!!!!!

Now I dont just have a House I have a home My Home :-) with furnituer and it dosent look like i have just started again.

Jenny and V where both falling asleep on the settee and i must abmit i wasnt far behind them ( bellys full of good food , yummy drink and good company makes a very content Nikki )
It was nice that i could just offer them a bed for the night in stead of them haveing to drive home for an hour i was very pleased that thay dicidded to stay  I would of only worried about them if thay had gone home at that time it was getting close to 1 am

Thanks to my Frieds Tim, Suzzy, Jenny and V for all there help this weekend you have all been amazing  XXX

Nikki ( A Very Happy Girl )


Becca said...

Thats a nice post. Very pleased that you now have a home. Must be a huge relief after all the hassle and upset of the last few months, and days !!

Here starts the rest of your life.


Nikki T said...

LOL Becca
Yes life seems good at the moment
a new Home New Start :-)

Jenny said...

Any time! :)

Stace said...

Wonderful post, I really enjoyed reading it!

There is such a difference between a house and a home, and it's great that you have found the latter :)


PS Yes, Ikea is wonderful!

Nikki T said...

Thank Sace

Jenny will tell you my mood has lifted so much
i have worked so hard to get her in the last 6 months and now iam hear :-)

Jenny i cant thank you any more you and V where just the best more than i could expect and have helped more than just the phyisical just beening there for me was what i needed too :-)

Nikki T said...

cardbord mounten it now in the garage (I think i need a cuple of trips to the recycaling center )and i have unpacked half my cloths
just the interesting ones top go
and constantly moving things around to get them in the right place
still trying to get a nice mirror for over the fire place :-)

Caroline said...

So glad that with the help of a few friends you have a new home for your new life.

Perhaps we should all get Transit vans for our transitions! I always loved riding so high up in them and passing sports cars driven by people who could not see the road ahead!

Nikki T said...

Driving Tranists fun but it makes you wopunt to eat a yorky bar but there not for girls LOL

Stace said...

Tell that to my wife... Yorkies are about the only English chocolate that she'll eat :)