Monday, June 20, 2011

Bittersweet weekend

My Ex is already causing problems and has totaly renaged on the agreement to access to the children
witch i was not happy with as it was as i understood it every other weekend saturday and sunday afternoons
she is now saying that its saturday or sunday not both she is just yousing the kids as a whay to get to me :-(  how petty and small minded do you get .
So i dod not have the boy on both days just Saturday for 8 hours I had got the boys sometoys to keep at my house and an Xbox with some games not my cup of tea but i no its what thay like it may off cost a lot of money but it was to make them feel at home and the house is all up together and thay both have a bed room that is set up for them and thay loved the place and being there with me
we whent to the local park witch is about 300 yards away and thay had a good time playing with thwere neww toys and being with me made me very happy to have them inmy home made it feel complet
thay may off eaten me out of house and home and turned the place into a tip (lol it wasant that bad )
but you no what kids are like  Taking themback for 8pm was hard for me and them with them saying things like why carnt we stay at your house and all i coukld say was there not my rules and why carnt we see you tommorw this is ant working for us ( this nearly had me in tiers and broke my hart I love my kids so much and the Ex can not see she is hurting them more than me i can understand that she is tring to get to me by restricting my access to the kids but all she is doing is building up problems for the future as the kids will remember this as her stopping them from seeing me and thats what hurt .
Its not there fault that we split up and thay should not be used as a wepen against me its not fare on them
I have had two calls from the boys on sunday with them being upset that thay are not with me its so hard to here your child being upset and not being able to give them a cudel to make it allright
somuch for doing things amicably I will have to get incontact with my solicitor and start making a case for proper access as this is not working for the Kids ( and thay are the most important ones here) or my
its so sad that she cant keep to what we agreed to in the first place i am not a bad perant i have provided a good home so i can have my kids and i pay my way i even pay half a munth inadvance becouse i gat payed mid mounth
and she still treats me and the kids like this what an eval cow why did i try so hard for my problem not to effect her for so long and totaly mess my self up for her only to have every thing kiked in my face at every chance :-(
but the time i had with the boys was fantastic manie cudels and much fun and laufter so a bitter sweet weekend


Becca said...

I know nothing about family law so I apologise if I speak out of turn. It seems to me the best thing that you can do is what you are doing already. Setting up a home and being settled. This must stand you in good stead when Tge lawyers get involved.

Sad that she can't let me pain and anger go

Nikki T said...

Hi Becca thanks for the coment its not me iam worried about yes i miss my kids like crazzy but iam old enuf to understand whats happening the kids cant see why thay are being restricted in seeing me as thay love me as much as i love them iam doing every thing i can just dont whant to hurt the kids more than i can say for some one else :-(