Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tempery plan in place

ok so my house perchace and being oushed out of the family home are not going to marry up thats just my luck at the moment.
but thanks to a friend from work i have a roof over my head and have nogocated keeping som of my stuf in the garage of the family home so at least for a munth it looks like i should be ok and the house perchace should be done by then
thanks to every one for there support its been a tough cuple of days


Stace said...

Glad to hear that you have something. I hope that it's not for too long!


Becca said...

A little light at end the end of the tunnel.

How great would it be to chuch all his clothes away (re your previous thread). That will be a day to savour


Lisa Maria said...

It is a difficult situation but you are moving forwards. Keep positive if you can. in a years time the most difficult things will be behind you. x