Friday, May 27, 2011

A stressfull day

Things have been bissy today
I first when to the estate agent and layed down the situation again and told them that things needed to happen fast or i will be out on the streets on the 7th of June
("Belive me this girl dose not like the ideea off being homeless")
saying if i have to rent some where to stay i would have to pull out of the perchase of the house as i would be tyed into a 6 munth leace so would time me house perchace for then ( not what i wount this happen but one has to threten just to get things moving).
stateing that untill i have a date to move in i will start look for a differant property as i can not see this one going to completion. ( yes i no Iam saber rateling his personas quite good for that lol)  

On the plus side my friends have rallyed around again and i have had some offes of places to stay most off them where not that practical but i do aprecat them its times like this that you find out who your friends are and mine are the best anyone can have thay have keeped me going throw out all off this all i can do is thank them :-) and that dosenot seem enuf

 one of the guys i work has just converted his house form a 5 bed to a 3 bed and a 2 bed house and has offered me the the use of the 2 bed for a cupel of munths if i need it so thats a big plus nikki time will be restricted but it has been anyway
I will have a roof over my head with out being teyd into a long lees i will still need to find some where for my furniture but i am working on that .

i seem to of gotten the eastate agent in a frense as thay are calling every one and emailing like crezzy
and it looks like we mint be able to get things working mayby not in time but soon after
Iam not counting my chickens thow watch this space its a bumpy ride at the moment
Who need Eastenders or Corry you have my mess of a life to follow lol trying to keep smiling


Stace said...

A completely different situation, but I ended up homeless for 6 weeks 11 years ago. It was a very scary time of my life, and I am indebted to the friend who gave me a spare room for that time.

I hope your threats work and you manage to get something sorted.


Jenny said...

You are going through the mill, aren't you!

I'm extremely glad to hear of your friend's offer, at least you've sorted somewhere to live.

And if the rest of us can't help you move and store your stuff in some way then we aren't doing our job proper, like!

You have my and Mrs. J's contacts should you need 'em.

Becca said...

A few challenges in your life at the moment !! Hoping it all comes together for you and we start hearing good news. Think you deserve some luck !


Nikki T said...

I got some packing done yesterday
and sorted out his cloths throw out 6 bin bags that felt so good it was hard to not throw all of them out that would of brout going full time forwoord a a bit lol