Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Starting to move forwoords

I will be moving in to My own House away form the Family home with in the next 2 weeks

This is a time off mixed feeling Grate Joy in being o my own and away from the My X and her bitter feeelings towords me ( living in this limbo land for the last 6 months ).
but grate sadness i did not wount to cause her so much hurt and pain i truly marred her for life and still have grate fellings for her even if the prosses off dovorce have made are relasionship even more strained than thay where already

But the most important thig is my Boys thay mean so much to me and i now that leaveing them is the hardist thing i will ever do my ex is being an ar*** and is making access to them as difficult as posible
makeing it imposible for me to have them for more than both afternoons every other weekend this will make haveing them overnight imposible and restrict what and where i can tack them :-(

but all i can do at this point is look forwood to moving and setting up my new home I have already got most of the furniture i need and kitchen shuff
Things will be a bit basic for a littel while but it will be my home where i can be me


Becca said...
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Becca said...

I have no experience of children but can well understand how hard the separation from them will be. Seems more than a little unreasonable that access to them is so restricted.

As I said yesterday I hope that the move goes well and the stress of the last few months falls away. I also hope that the emotions that have arisen in your X grows less and she can come to understand that you were born as you were and you tried so very harx not to hurt her in anyway


Anonymous said...

Dear Nikki,

Wishing you the very best dear and that you do manage to see your lads as often as you like.


Stace said...

I hope that you manage to get the access to your children sorted - it does seem very odd that you can only see them 2 afternoons in 14 days.

Good luck in your new home sorted!


Jenny said...

I have a (non-trans) bloke friend who found himself in a similar position re his ex and youngsters. After a few weeks he found that he had the kids for the full weekend instead of the restricted time because the ex realised she'd shot herself in the foot and had no time without them. So there's hope, your ex might just need a few weeks to realise that she's not doing herself any favours.

Nikki T said...

Time will tell Jenny
She's still causeing problems with the house Move insisting it happens 3days earlyer than I had set up witch meaning.
I will need to take more time off work and lose more money
I no its only short term but i could end up home less for 3 day at this rate