Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Good news for a change :-)

ok its not much but anying helps at the moment
as i have already said iam a contractor and I have had My contract extended to the end on december :-) at least i have some money coming in that help

I have spent the weekend packing and sorting stuff out
i have to get an old dead car moved and then pack the stuff iam not takeing into the garage
so things are starting to come tgether


Becca said...

Isn't there sometimes a bit of value in old dead cars ? Good news about the extension. Always a relief when they say they want to renew you. I wonder if in January the directors signature might have changed when the next renewal comes around ?

Good luck for this week Nikki


Nikki T said...

Hi Becca yes there quite a bit of value in this one thats why its going to a friends to be taken apart and bits sold but his brakedown truck has broken down just my luck so i need to find a diferant way of geting it to his woirkshop

as for the renewal signiture maby watch this space lol