Monday, January 23, 2012

Well how time flys

Well what lot has been going on
at the end of October I had a meeting with my local head shrink
well let’s just say i ran the meeting and he lessened but the outcome was he has referred me to CHX 
On my way home from that meeting i popped in to see my younger Sister and although she was surprised i had a very positive response from her and we have now got a much closer relationship than we have had for some time.
Within a week i had changed my name so now i am Nikki full time  and found  2 week contract as me Working in Telford a very useful   first step in to the world of working as the true me          
Well all i can say is what was all the fuss about lol                                                                                         Yes i feel so much happier being me but going to work as me was a non event in that i started a new job and every one didn’t no my back story so just excepted me as what they sore  a she
This was fantastic and this contract went well and i then went straight into a 6 week contract in Sheffield so yes i have now worked full time for 2 months and blended in well and been excepted by all as one of the girls 
I am so much more relaxed and all is going well and don’t seem to be read when out and about   
I am now looking for more work and I am waiting for funding to be approved for CHX
So life is going well
Sorry i have not posted over the last few months i will try harder

Nikki XX

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tomorrows a big day

haveing moved to my new house and living full time while inbetween jobs

I whent to see my new doctor 2 weeks ago just for a normal checkup non trans related
but i was dressed and i have to say he was more than helpfull but we only had time to skirt over my gender dysphoria  but whanted to go throw it with me in a seperat appiontmnent so i have made a duble appiontment
and will be going to see him tomorrow
I have earlyer this year had this conversation with my old docter but thats as far as he would tack things
So i no this is going to be a repeet but my new doc seems to have a good understanding off what trans people need as he already has trans people on his books.
so wish me luck its the first mager step but an important one i have made to many fauls strats in life
now is the time to move forwoords :-)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

well things have changed a lot

Sorry i havent bloged for a few week but life has changed a bit

My contract was cut short at work so iam now looking for a new job :-(
 but thats life as a comtractor
so this has left me with no reson not to be me
for about 1 1/2 months now apart from job intervews and haveing my kids every other week i have spent the rest of the time Fem and now it is very hard to even think of going back to him mode .
that means 24/7 her and boy dos tyhat feel good.

So i am finaly living as a should

I havd done everything as me even been to my doctors
for a normal  checkup and had him jumping throw hops to be helpfull iam going back to see him next week to descus my gender identity and he is talking about local phyc apointment and telling me there is no problem with funding in my area the practice already has 3 Trans people on the books 2 post op and 1 pre
As this is a new doctor to me after moving house it looks like i have fallen on my feet :-)

I have had some job interverw but no job just yet
I have even been to 2 interbvews drerssed properly so its looking less and less like ly i will be reterning to him if i can get a job \ contract as the real me 

The only problem will be the Ex's reaction as she will more than likely try to stop me seeing the kids
so life has changed

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blokie Shoes YuK

Well to day i have spent most of the days in meeting had to dress blokie bissness suit ( Ok work is still blokie but not this blokie yuk)  and tie job
I have never don this look well but its the shoes how do men do it thay wighe a ton fell all klumpee
i tend to do trainers in bob mode these days and flip flops and balay pumps and nice heels as it summer at the moment so mens trad laceup shoes are just horrid how can thay stand them are that somthing whay just indure to prove thay are so macho it beone me and thay look horrid

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bizzy few Weeks

For the last few weekends i have been seeing my Boy one day and sorting thing the other day
and still trying to recover financaily from the seperasion and moving into my own home

this weekend i didnot have my boys So i had my some friends over for the weekend
thay are living in socail housing and its a flat thay are desperat to get rehoused as thay have had some hasel with some of the naburse over him being trans and the person that lives above him is just inconciderat and makes noise from moring to night K is also a wheel chair user.
 He is F to M and His partner is Lovile thay have supported me throw thick and thin 
So it was nice to be able to have them over to my house for the weekend as there new home hunting has not been going well
 K likes Mortor bikes and as my home town has a large bike show ever year and that was this weekend K was glad to spend the day looking around the show this meant i had to do this in Bob mode as i no far to maniy people that do not no Nikki side of me but it was still a good day.
Seeing all or most of the Bikes i had owned in a perveus life ( CBX, 400 4, Moreni 3 1/2 ect) yes to you that now old bikes you must be as old as me if you now these bikes lol
but it was a nice relaxed day and i got to see many old freinds and do some people watching from the weekend biker types to the mugel that had just come into town just to get there shopping to fined there town full of bikers.

and then back home to sepend the evning chilling watching Avitar and chating after a nice home made Lasgnea ,salad and Garlic Bread a chance for them to just relax away from there stress of there home situasion with a nice class or 2 off cider or beer.
Sunday was a lateish start with me having that me time i was in need off cooking a rost Garlic Chickin rost Potatos and steemed veg and a day off chating and enjoying time with friends we where that full that the cheescake had to waite till tea time but was enjoyed all the more becouse of the waite after tea  i took my friends home to bristol .
all in all a very relaxed time :-)   

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun in the sun :-)

On saturday i had my boys and we had a good time just around my house 
thay played with the toys i have here for tham and we whent to the park
all in bob mode but its worth it to see my littel ones :-)
it was just good to spend the day with them.
I droped them off at the ex's at about 8pm whent home and changed into somthing comfee as my friend Nicki B come around to see my new home and we had a drink and a nice chat she has been one off my friends that has keept me going over the last 6 munths and it was good to catchup and to show her my new home " thanks Nicki you have been a brick "

Sunday i got up and sorted the house a bit and started lunch Roast Pork and all the trimings
Jenny and V where coming around so i had offered to do some food late luinch \eavning meal
thay arived about 3 pm house all uptogether and food nearly done what a domestic godess iam LOL
just had to wait for the Potatoes to finish off ( i have not got this oven figered out yet seems to cook a bit slowly at times ) it was realy nice to see them and shair a meal with them pure Jenny was driving but this didnt stop me and V injoying a nice glass or 2 of roseay :-) makes a nice change for me to be able to have a drink as iam normaly driving :-)
The food soon seemed to vanish even with my pure porsion size ( i do like to make sure people are feed non of this nuvo quiseen at chae Nikki :-) more Farm house feast lol)
Jenny had driven the rusty old reck down and whanted to go see a friend that lived in the same town as me so me and v sat and chatted with her going throw my wordrobe saying i like that and that saying she thinks i have more  than enugh cloths to go full time and all are just normal girl cloths not tranny tat
 we chated makup and other Girly stuff about what sort of ear rings i wount when my ears have healed ( 1 week in and all going well :-))
It was good to talk I realize how important my friends are to me thay have replaced my family in so many ways my main battels may be over but i still need there support and all i can do is thank them
well Jenny came back from playing boy time loL and got told by V that we where haveing Girl talk time lol we sat and talked some more it was good to have them there a realy nice day and it feelt good to have feed them i gess there is a Mum in me that just whant to feed every one that comes around lol.
all to soon thay had to go :-( but it had been a good day and thay helped with the washing up thay can come again soon i hope ).
So yes my life seems to be settling down for the mean time no dramers at the moment :-)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a fab weekend

Well 4 days with some work time in the midel :-(

well tursday i have already bloged about
friday was workin the day so back to him :-( but home early home and get changed and out to bristol to pickup a trans man friend and his partner to go out for a meal as it was hids berthday on thursday
we when to a very nice all you can eat east asian resterant in bristol where we meet some mort frends and some of K's frends Kris and partner hes F to M and a gent and his partner we all had a good time chating making new frends and catching up with old friends :-) its always good to do that

Saturday I had to be up early got dressed and had had brekfast just about to go do my makeup when the doorbell went  i didt think just whent to the door and it was JW's a woman and her dauter i keept it short just said own you look like JW's sorry not interested but she push so i said I dont think you would except me and she insisted that thay would ( so i outed my self saying oww do thay exceppt trans people these days ) with witch she whe nt bright red and made her excuses to leve as i was also contering her word from her bible if thats what she calls it LOL

with her dispatched very politly i whent and sorted my self out and made my way over to swindon and did a bit of food shopping for a bbq i was going to in oxford held by the most woundifull Trans woman you could ever meet Dawn is like everyones mum / granny and it was a grate day catching up with old friends and making some new one i have only ever meet on line before but it was nice to see them in the flesh
what a full day i arrived at the bbq at about 2pm and left after helping clen up at about 1:30 after taking jenny and yicky home witch meen i got home at about 3 am still a grate day

I got up and when food shopping enfem ofcource not a look from the mugels :-)
and then home to make lunch for some friends who came to see my new house its so nice to entertain
I made a lasegne and salad and we sat in the garden to eat in the sun shine :-) thanks Suzzy and Neave it was so good to see you.
so apart from work on friday that was 4 days as me :-) i can see this happening quite offten